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Exotic | Rare | Unique

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Great Quality | Beautiful Fish

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These lesser known wild type bettas are Endangered.  Their habitats are being destroyed. Help them out by learning more about them.  Wild Betta for Beginners.

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We are so happy we purchased a pair of Betta Imbellis' from Anh and Henry! They answered all of our questions, gave us advice before buying the fish, and they truly care about ensuring their fish are going to wonderful homes! Thank you both so much! Our Imbellis pair are enjoying their new tank! 🥰


I would highly recommend Black Water Aquatics! Prompt shipping, excellent packing and superb fish. I ordered several pairs, two of which spawned within 24 hours of receiving them. I will definitely be a repeat customer!


I highly recommend this place Best online experience from a fish/betta store I have had. I ordered 2 pairs of Imbellis. They made full bubble nests the next day indicating they were very healthy. Shipping was fast and better than any other betta shop I've ordered from. I will definitely order more fish. Thank you!