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New Shipment - New Bettas we haven't received before

Hey everyone, We just received a shipment and we brought in a couple of interesting fish and a cute tiny orange little buddy.

Betta Api api - Duri
Betta Ocellata Sp Tarakan
Betta Sp Latimojong - New type?
Betta Antuta - LB
Betta Burdigala - Bukit Intan
Betta Hendra - Some of you were asking and we found some!
Betta Miniopinna - Tangerang
Betta Persephone
Betta Sp Jade - Jambi?
Betta Mandor
Betta Rubra - Aceh Besar
Betta Hipposideros - Do you like big bettas?!
Betta Pallifina - New Variant?! (See photo below)
Sphaerichthys Selatanensis
Gastromyzon punctulatus?

Daisy Ricefish
Chili Rasbora
Sundadanio Axelrodi
CPO - Dwarf Orange Crayfish - CUTE!
Epiplatys Annulatus - Clown Killifish
Corydoras Adolfoi

I'll try to get these on the site soon. I'll update you when I do.

Beautiful new variant of pallifina that we found. left is the male and right is the female. They look better in the aquarium. We'll get our own photo up soon. No fish was harmed in this photo.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


These lesser known wild type bettas are Endangered.  Their habitats are being destroyed. Help them out by learning more about them.  Wild Betta for Beginners.

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