How Do We Quarantine Our Fishes?

Many of our fishes are from overseas. Those selected few have an all expense paid trip to fly thousands of miles overseas… to the US.

Now we have to deal with these misfits. They are dirty and many may come with parasites. We do not want that to spread to our other fishes or to yours.

Through trial and error, we have came up with a system that gives us the best survival results. We quarantine each one individually in our betta rack system. Each container is separately drained into our large sump which filters the water and pumps it back through UV tubes to kill any free floating bacteria before it goes back into each container. Any noticeably sick fishes will be moved into a hospital tank in hopes of saving them and not risk contaminating the others.

When they first arrive, we feed them heavily on live foods as most come in very skinny due to various reasons along with the travel time. This will go on for at least a week. Once they are eating well and looking lively, we will announce that they are ready. Through time, we wean them onto frozen food and dried foods.

Shipping too soon after arrival will stress them out and we do not want that. Fishes sometimes have diseases within them but can only take over when your fish is weak or stressed. We want you to receive great looking healthy fishes so that you have the best chances to successfully keep them and hopefully breed them.

We grow attached to our fishes as we see them every day. Having to let them go is sometimes difficult, but knowing that they’ll be going to good homes is comforting. We do our part but we also need you to do your part. Do your research and have your tanks cycled and ready before ordering these little gems.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or message us.

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