Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where are you located?
A: Orange County, California, United States (Anaheim/ Buena Park)

Q: Do you have a shop?
A: No, we do not own a shop, we're just two enthused hobbyists working out of our living rooms for now.  Hopefully we can open a shop one day. 

Q: Do you ship to [another country]?
A: Short answer is No.  Long answer, the shipment is costly.  It may cost $60-100 to ship 2-3 days to you.  We then do not know your laws, so you have to know your countries laws for importing fish.  We do not guarantee this but we may work with you if you are willing to take the risk.

Q: Can I pick up the fish?
A: You are welcome to come pick up the fish, choose "Local pick up" in the checkout option and then message us to coordinate the best time.  However, at this time, we may not allow you to check out the fish before you purchase. 

Q: Are there any extra costs or fees?
A: No. Some have asked this because these fishes are generally only offered overseas which requires multiple shipping and transhipping fees to get to you.  Transhipping fees generally include: Shipping from supplier to transhipper, transhipping fee in that country, transhipping fee in the US and finally, shipping from US transhipper to you.  We do not tranship.  We have taken care of everything and the fishes are living happily and healthy in our tanks.  Just pay the shipping from us to you.  See our Pros & Cons on Transhipping.

Q: How long does it take to get to me?
We generally ship Monday and Tuesday of the week.  You can have overnight shipping to deliver to you the very next day or choose priority which can be 2-3 and sometimes more days.  That is up to you.  All fish on our site are with us, quarantined and ready to go.  We know that some sites are "made to order" meaning they will order it from overseas when requested so it could take 2+ weeks to get to you.  Imagine the health and stress of the fish that you have to deal with. 

Q: How big are the fishes?
A: They are generally young adults, ready to to breed or almost but since these are sometimes wild caught, the sizes may vary. Please ask us beforehand if size matters to you. Either way, they grow very quickly.

Q: Can you take photos of the actual fish?
A: That depends on how much we like you. haha jk. Sometimes we can and we try to but note that it is very time consuming for us to get a good photo. When things are busy, we will not have the time.  Sorry.

Q: What happens if I receive the wrong sex?
A: We are not perfect and we do make mistakes once in a blue moon but we will work with you to try to fix the issue. Like policy states, no guarantees but we are usually right 95% of the time.

Q: What happens if the fishes arrived dead?
A: Like our policy states, if it was purchased with UPS overnight, we can guarantee you new fishes and shipment on us. If it's with USPS or UPS 2-day, we do not guarantee your fish. However, we know what it's like to lose fishes so we'll try to see if we can work something out with you.

Q: What is a "pair" of fish?
A: A pair consists of a Male and Female fish.  This does not mean they're proven pairs.

Q: Why don't my fish look like the pictures?
A: The fish will come in stressed out.  Colors will fade when stressed.  Acclimate them slowly, keep the lights off when you add them to the tank for the rest of the day.