Quick Shipping Prices so you don't need find them at checkout.

  • First Class Shipping (Use for dry goods only, No Fish): $5.00
  • Priority Mail (2-4 days and No Guarantee): $15.95+
  • UPS 2nd Day Flat Rate (2 days and No Guarantee): $23.95+
  • UPS Next Day Flat Rate (1 day with Live Arrival Guarantee): $45.00
  • UPS Next Day Calculated (1 day with Live Arrival Guarantee): Based on your zip code, generally cheaper in Southern California.
  • For Next Day delivery, choose the cheaper option for you.  Both are Guaranteed.

If You Forgot to Select Shipping

Sometimes people forget to add shipping at checkout since it defaults to Pick-up or Add-on option.  If that is the case, you can go here and add the following to cart and select the shipping option.

Shipping fish is a PAIN.  We're not talking about making the boxes, catching and bagging the fish, packaging and labeling.  We're talking about the PAIN when fish arrives dead (DOA).
We take care of them everyday and it is sad to see them go at times but we know they're going to a good home with you.
We have our FAQs and Terms of Service   Please make sure to read them, all our policies can be found on the bottom of each page.  Most of you guys are great of course, but there are always a few who would order 3+ pairs of fish and opt for priority mail shipping during Christmas to save money when you live across the US with weather at 20 degrees.  That's a disaster waiting to happen.  
We do our best to check your weather and decide whether to ship or not, or if you need to upgrade your shipping or not.  However, this is not our responsibility, this is yours.  We do it because we want the best chances for our fish to get to you alive and well but we can easily get swamped as this is just our part-time job.

If you want Live Arrival Guarantee, please select UPS Next Day. 

With that said, here are a few notes:
  • We generally ship Monday and Tuesdays only.  Wednesdays if we can. Some packages may get delayed and stuck over the weekend if shipped too late.
  • We highly recommend UPS Next Day for extreme hot or cold weather. Backed by our guarantee.
  • Any temperatures over 90 or below 35 will likely be postponed.
  • We are currently including heat packs as needed at no additional cost.
  • When you get a notification with tracking, it means that the label is printed but does not mean it is shipped.  We sometimes print ahead of time when we can to prepare for packaging the next couple days.
  • Sometimes when fish arrive in colder weather, they can seem lifeless, float the bag in your aquarium to warm them up before doing any drip acclimation.  DO NOT just open and dump them in warm water.  More times than not, they would bounce back if it is overnight shipping. 

Check out our policies on the bottom of the page.