VELVET CURE (potassium permanganate + Acriflavine mix)

VELVET CURE (potassium permanganate + Acriflavine mix)

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 This is a medicated combo that is used to treat velvet infections. It contains a 3-week dose of Acriflavine medicated mix and multiple doses of potassium permanganate bath. This is enough to treat fish for 4 weeks. 

Acriflavine Salt mix contains

  • Acriflavine
  • Methylene blue
  • Salt

Potassium permanganate bag contains

  • 1 microspoon (100mg) of potassium permanganate (good for 10+ bath)

Use one 100 mg scoop of potassium permanganate per 5 gallon and bathe the infected fish for 15 to 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes place fish inside a hospital tank and use one table spoon of the Acriflavine salt mix per 5 gallon.  Each bag contain 5 table spoon of acriflavine.  Leave the fish in the acriflavine for 2-3 weeks under 80 degrees with bi weekly 25% water changes.  Be sure to replace medication when doing water changes.


WARNING! : NOT for treatment of humans or animals, for LABORATORY use ONLY!  This product is NOT FDA approved for any treatment of diseases.

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