Betta Smaragdina Copper | Rare Bettas

Betta Smaragdina Copper | Rare Bettas

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From the Betta Splendens Complex.

IUCN Red List: N/A (This type is a hybrid. Does not naturally occur in the wild)

A color variation of the Smaragdina type with beautiful coloration of copper throughout the body and fins. All males comes from the same lineage and are generally similar.


Basic Information

Temperament: Males are VERY aggressive and should be kept alone or in tanks with non-male betta mates. Can be kept in a planted community tank of multiple females if there is adequate space.

Max Size: 2.3 inches

TDS: 60 - 200 (We keep them in soft water with low TDS to match our other wild bettas but they are more tolerant of water conditions.)

pH: 5.0-7.0

Temperature : 75-85 (much better coloration at warmer temperature above 78 degrees)

Diet: Carnivorous, we currently feed them live blackworms, frozen bloodworms and pellets.

Breeding: Bubblenester