Mystery Pair of Bettas and Moss - | Wild Bettas

Mystery Pair of Bettas and Moss - | Wild Bettas

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IUCN Red List: N/A

Let's try something fun!  You'll get a pair of betta of our choice.  You will not be able to decide.

It can be any pair we choose.  This pair can be a pair listed on our site or even a pair of fish that isn't listed.   If you purchase this, be prepared to have a set up ready for something as small as a coccinas specie to something big for Antutas.

We are sweetening this up a little bit with one portion of Taiwan Moss.

Please use overnight shipping.  We want to make sure they can get there safely.

Basic Information

Temperament: Varies

Max Size: Varies

TDS: 60 - 200 (We keep them in soft water with low TDS to match our other wild bettas but they are more tolerant of water conditions.)

pH: 5.0-7.0

Temperature : 75-85 (much better coloration at warmer temperature above 78 degrees)

Diet: Carnivorous, we currently feed them live blackworms, frozen bloodworms and pellets.

Breeding: Varies

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Be sure to have the habitat ready before purchase.


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