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Microdevario kubotai

Microdevario kubotai

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Microdevario kubotai, commonly known as Kubotai Rasbora or Microrasbora kubotai, is a small and colorful freshwater fish species belonging to the family Cyprinidae. It is native to Thailand, specifically found in the Mae Khlong and Mae Klong tributary basins. These fish are tiny, typically growing to a maximum size of around 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 4 centimeters). Their small size makes them suitable for nano and small community aquariums.

Difficulty: intermediate, they are easy to keep once the aquarium is stable. But due to their small delicate nature makes difficult at times.

Appearance: The body of Microdevario kubotai is clear but with a neon green glow that makes them stand out among the background.

Tank requirements: Prefer a densely planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places, such as rocks and driftwood.  But can do well in hardscape aquarium.  In their natural environment; the water is clear, substrate composed of fallen branches, leaf litter, gravel, rocks, and exposed bedrock forming submerged rocky outcrops around heavily-vegetated margins.

Size: 15-20mm
pH: 6.0 – 7.0
TDS: 18-179
water temperature: of 20-27°C (70-82°F)

Diet: In the wild, Microdevario kubotai feed on small invertebrates and insects. In the aquarium, they will accept a variety of foods, including flake food, freeze-dried or frozen foods, and small live foods such as brine shrimp or daphnia.

Behavior: Microdevario kubotai are peaceful and social fish that do well in small groups of 6-8 individuals. They are active swimmers and spend most of their time in the middle and upper levels of the aquarium.

Breeding: Microdevario kubotai are egg-layers and breeding can be difficult in captivity. They require very soft and acidic water, as well as a densely planted aquarium with fine-leaved plants such as Java moss.


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