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Macrobrachium sp. "Borneo Red-Claw"

Macrobrachium sp. "Borneo Red-Claw"

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Not to be confused with other macro shrimp with the typical name "red-claw macro" A rare and uncommon "shrimp" in the aquarium hobby.  Not much is known about this type of macro shrimp except a few images in german aquarium hobby website.  This particular shrimp was caught in Borneo forest streams and has the typical characteristic red claw on its 2nd sets of chelipeds.  They seem to be optimistic omnivores more so than active predators, although no doubt they would predate on invertebrates they know are easy food such as blackworms.  Aggression toward fish are actually very low with large specimen resting and hiding with fish such as Betta Albimarginata, though I would personally suggest being cautious when keeping them with slow small fish.  I believe they actually would make great clean up crew if kept with the right fish since they are extreme gregarious when it comes to eating.  Any aggression seems to be directed toward other macro shrimp rather than fish.  Their active and entertaining nature makes them quite enjoyable to keep especially during feeding time.

They also seems to be fully freshwater as oppose to many shrimps which are catadromous (young need to live in seawater).  This can be seen from their large eggs that the females typically carry.

Note that some may be missing a claw or even both but they will eventually grow back.

Size: 3-5"

Temperament: usually docile, but aggressive during feeding time particularly against other macro shrimp.  Does not appear to actively hunt fish.

Temperature : 68-78 appears to be able to adapt to a wide range of temperature

pH: 6.0 - 7.2 appears to live and breed in soft to neutral water, possible that they can adapt to wide ranges.

tds: 0-100 appears to be able to adapt to a wide range of water chemistry.

sexing: females have the characteristic rounded and extended abdominal segments as a means to protect the eggs.

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