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Alien Betta Green Hybrid | Rare Bettas

Alien Betta Green Hybrid | Rare Bettas

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they are 5-7 months old

Green Alien Hybrid betta from a breeder in Vietnam.

From the Betta Splendens Complex.

Sometimes referred to as Teal, this has a beautiful coloration of green/teal throughout the body. Aliens are a hybridization of different types of wild bettas and are considered a type of wild hybrid.  Traits of "Alien" include full facial mask, spread iridescence that cover the fins and the body as well as webbing on the caudal fins.

Green is the result of having a Homozygous metallic gene over Homozygous iridescence (turquoise). However, "grass green" is the result of the homozygous metallic gene over Heterozygous iridescence (royal blue). Both types are considered "green". A way to differentiate "green" from "teal" is that green always has metallics which changes color depending on the angle of lights.

please note that pairs that "we pick" arent necessarily lower quality than the posted males, we don't always have time to take photos of them all but we usually only sell to customers the best of what we have.


IUCN Red List: N/A (This type is a hybrid of sorts. Does not naturally occur in the wild)

Basic Information

Temperament: Males are VERY aggressive and should be kept alone or in tanks with non-male betta mates. Can be kept in a planted community tank of multiple females if there is adequate space.

Max Size: 2.3 inches

TDS: 60 - 200 (We keep them in soft water with low TDS to match our other wild bettas but they are more tolerant of water conditions.)

pH: 5.0-7.0

Temperature : 75-85 (much better coloration at warmer temperature above 78 degrees)

Diet: Carnivorous, we currently feed them live blackworms, frozen bloodworms and pellets.

Breeding: Bubblenester

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