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Danio Erythromicron (Emerald Dwarf Rasbora)

Danio Erythromicron (Emerald Dwarf Rasbora)

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A small schooling nano fish that is perfect for those looking to add life and color into a blackwater biotope. They have a gray body with nice iridescent blue stripes running down the body to create tiger like stripes. They also have some orange on their fins.


Size : ~.5cm

Temperment: Peaceful

Water parameters: prefer low TDS acidic water but can adapt to a wide range of conditions.

Temperature: 72 - 78 degrees F

Food: Small food such as crushed pellets and flakes, or live food baby brine shrimps are perfect.

Tankmates: They are aggressive eaters and can out-compete slower fish for food, so do no keep with fish that are slow-moving and shy. Likewise do not keep with large fish that see them as food.


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