Betta Albimarginata - Sebuku | Wild Betta Fish

Betta Albimarginata - Sebuku | Wild Betta Fish

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Wild caught Betta Albimarginata collected from Sebuku

From the Betta Albimarginata Complex.

Noted difference from our supplier is that this fish is slightly larger than the type collected in Malinau.

A great beginner fish for someone being introduced to the mouthbrooding betta world. They have more of a maroon or burgundy colored body with black and white seams on their fins. Depending on locality, some may have a more orange body. Their best colors come out when they are the ready to breed.

Due to habitat destruction and the construction of palm oil plantations, these are:

IUCN Red List: Endangered (Very high risk of extinction in the wild)

Basic Information

Temperament: Somewhat territorial, but can be kept in groups as long as there’s enough space. We recommend a pair per 5 gallons of water.

Maximum Size: 2 inches.

Diet: Currently feeding on live foods but can be trained to eat frozen and dried foods.

TDS ~ 60 - 100 (can tolerate high tds water but prefer low tds water)

pH ~ 6.0 -7.0 (prefer softer water)

Temperature: 75 - 85F (prefer cooler temp, but higher temp induce coloration and breeding behaviors)

Diet: Carnivorous, we currently feed them blackworms, frozen bloodworms and pellets.

Breeding: Mouthbrooder