Betta Patoti "Tanah Grogot" | Wild Type Bettas

Betta Patoti "Tanah Grogot" | Wild Type Bettas

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From the Betta Unimaculata Complex.

IUCN Red List: Endangered (A very high risk of extinction in the wild)

Wild Caught Betta Patoti from Tanah Grogot

They have a brown base body with blue iridescent on opercular cheeks, body and tails, females will have less iridescent in . Both males and females can have tiger like stripes on the side of their body every now and then. Fully grown adult males have longer ventral fins.

Basic Information

Temperament: Like many of the species in this complex, with the largest bettas, they can be aggressive. We recommend that they be kept in a species only tank as they can eat anything that fits in their big mouth.

Maximum Size: 3.5 inches.

Diet: Currently feeding on live, frozen and dried foods.

TDS ~ 60 - 100

pH ~ 5.0 - 7.0

Temperature: 72 - 82F (prefer cooler temp, but higher temp induce coloration and breeding behaviors)

Diet: Carnivorous, we currently feed them blackworms, frozen bloodworms and pellets.

Breeding: Mouthbrooder